[What kind of changes will the textile and apparel industry face?]
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What kind of changes will the textile and apparel industry face?

1. Promote companies to accelerate structural adjustment and layout

This epidemic has brought a more important and profound reflection to many manufacturing companies: Can the company remain unaffected when the epidemic comes? In the final analysis, the business structure of the company's business or sales channels is too simple, limited to traditional offline channels, single market and order business, etc. Without a structural layout in advance, corporate operations are extremely vulnerable.

2. Speed up the process of enterprise intelligence and digitalization and improve efficiency

The advent of this epidemic will make many business owners feel pained, and accelerate the digitalization and intelligent upgrade of enterprises.

3. Improving corporate immunity, strengthening corporate anti-risk capabilities and crisis awareness

The sudden epidemic situation has severely affected all aspects of the resumption of production, marketing, raw materials, orders, etc. of all enterprises. The pressure of operating costs, staff salaries, and rents has made many small and medium-sized enterprises lacking cash flow and anti-risk capabilities struggling. Improved the awareness of the enterprise's anxiety and crisis, so that more companies think strategically how the company can better have the ability to resist risks and make plans.

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