[Brief analysis of the characteristics of sofa fabric!]
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Brief analysis of the characteristics of sofa fabric!

Sofa fabric-Cotton: It is a fiber taken from cottonseed, which is used for picking, ginning, carding, slivering, combing, woolen spinning, worsted spinning into cotton yarn and then cotton yarn into cotton cloth. It is essential for fabric sofas. One of the fabrics.

Sofa Fabric-Polyester (synthetic fiber): Synthetic fiber is made of high molecular compound, polyester is one of them. It is also called polyester fiber, which has high strength, strong abrasion resistance, good elasticity and heat resistance. Strong, so this fabric is often used in business fabric sofas.

Sofa Fabric——Flannelette: After the brushing, the surface will be full of fluffy cotton fabric. Through the pinhole ligation process made on the surface of the fabric, more fluff will be produced, strong three-dimensional feeling, high gloss, soft and thick to the touch. .

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