[How much do you know about the material of your sofa? This “pitfall guide” will help you choose the sofa you want!]
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What you don’t know about sofa selection

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Article introduction

A suitable sofa can enhance the taste and comfort of the entire home. However, when faced with a dazzling array of sofa products on the market, how do you choose the one that suits you?

01Sofa material

When buying a sofa, you may not only be obsessed with the style, but also the material. A good piece of fabric not only looks exquisite and classy, but also has excellent touch and sitting feel. Let’s take a look at the advantages of these sofas made of different materials today!

1 fabric sofa

Fabric sofa is the first choice for most families. It is warm, stylish, simple and suitable for various home styles.

Fabric sofas have good air permeability, come in various styles, are relatively affordable, are wear-resistant and not prone to wrinkles, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Moreover, most of the current fabric sofas are removable and easy to clean.

2tech fabric sofa

Technology fabric sofa is a sofa between cotton and linen fabric sofas and leather sofas. A layer of three-proof coating is added to the polyester fabric to make the sofa more waterproof, stain-proof and scratch-proof. However, the quality and lifespan of this technical cloth have a lot to do with the coating process.

The technical fabric sofa has the texture and visual effect of real leather, good skin-friendly touch, and the breathability of fabric. It is known as "breathing fabric".

3 leather sofas

Many people like leather sofas, because placing a dark leather sofa at home can improve the overall interior decoration grade and is very atmospheric.

In addition, leather sofas also feel better and will be more comfortable to sit on. It is also very convenient when cleaning, just wipe it and it will be clean. However, the price will be relatively higher and daily maintenance will be required.

02 Sofa stuffing

In modern home life, a comfortable sofa is indispensable in the living room. However, when many people choose to buy a sofa, they often only focus on the style and color of the sofa, but ignore the comfort of the sofa, which is the inner filling of the sofa!


Sponge is a very common sofa filling. It rebounds quickly and has long-lasting elasticity. It feels comfortable to sit on and can effectively support the body. It has good softness and breathability. However, the support of sponge is relatively weak and may cause problems after long-term use. Deformation and denting.


Down is a lightweight, soft sofa filling that provides excellent warmth and a soft sitting feel.

Down is fluffy and full, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use, but its resilience is not as good as sponge, and the cost will be higher. Most merchants on the market will use down and sponge together, or serve as the filling of the bag.


Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees and is a very environmentally friendly sofa filling with good breathability, antibacterial and anti-mite properties. Use it as a filling for sofas. Whether it is a seat cushion or a backrest, it can fit the human body shape and provide good support.

In addition to being soft, highly breathable, and highly elastic, latex sofas also have high resilience, making them comfortable to sit on and suitable for long-term use. However, latex sofas are relatively expensive and require attention to care and maintenance.

03 Misunderstandings when buying a sofa

Have you ever been dazzled by the various sofa materials in a furniture store? When purchasing a sofa, there are some suggestions and misunderstandings that you need to pay attention to:

Not paying attention to practicality

Although appearance is one of the important factors when purchasing a sofa, you should not only focus on appearance and ignore the practicality of the sofa, such as whether it is removable for cleaning, whether it has storage functions, etc. These detailed designs can often greatly improve the convenience of use of the sofa.

Not paying attention to comfort

The comfort of the sofa is directly related to our experience. Therefore, when purchasing a sofa, you must try it out in person to feel whether the softness and hardness of the seat cushions, the support of the backrest, and the height of the armrests meet your personal habits and needs.

Blindly pursuing low prices

Sometimes a low-priced sofa may seem like a good deal, but a low-priced sofa may have issues with quality, comfort, and durability. Therefore, when purchasing a sofa, you need to weigh price against quality, comfort, and durability.

Regardless of space size

Before choosing a sofa, you must first determine the size of the living room so that you can choose a sofa of the right size. Avoid finding that the sofa is too big or too small and inconsistent with the overall space after you buy it home.

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