[Although exercise is good, long-term persistence is too difficult! Science to improve physical fitness is the key!]
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Keep exercising

Keep exercising

Ease your emotions and heal your life

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Taking up any sport is a good start in your life. Because it will be like a gear that drives the disciplined you along.

Sports make life better

There are too many benefits of exercise, here is a list of what are the benefits of exercise.

A person who keeps on exercising, the body will look particularly young. Because you stretch and move your muscles constantly, your body stays active and resilient.

If you never exercise, not only easy to poor spirit, feel tired and sleepy, the whole person looks lack of vitality. Studies have found that exercise can change the motor cortex, enhance neural activity, improve learning and memory ability, and continuous exercise can achieve better results.

If patients with insomnia can insist on running, doing exercises, practicing Taijiquan, etc., after a period of time, it will play a good role in regulating the nervous system's excitement and inhibition process, establish a good cycle for restoring normal sleep, and then fundamentally eliminate insomnia.

Especially aerobic exercise, but also improve the heart and lung function. Aerobic exercise is the first choice to improve heart and lung function, common exercises include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc., it is recommended to at least 3 times a week, 15 to 20 minutes each time.

If you want to make yourself more focused, try exercising your concentration during exercise. When you're dancing, you're paying attention and thinking about the movement in your head. When you jump rope, your attention is also focused on the rise and fall of the rope.

Where does the movement begin

When sedentary people are ready to start exercising, how do they get over the initial discomfort and make exercise a habit?

People who do not regularly exercise can remember four sentences when they start to exercise: reasonable exercise, suitable for themselves is important; Surprise exercise, beware of the body can not bear; Start correctly, step by step higher; Sore muscles need to be properly relieved.

As more and more people exercise, but some people insist on exercise for a long time, but the physical level has not been enhanced, is still tired, tired after exercise, recovery is slow. How to deal with poor physical fitness?

Improve physical fitness by science


It is especially important to do push-ups with standard movements! A group of 20, 2-3 groups a day, according to their own degree of exercise gradually strengthen the strength, practice the wide arm, practice the arm, and then practice the single arm......

Beat it

In the community, parks, playgrounds can be completed. At first, do not pay too much attention to walking posture, easy to handan learning to walk more and more will not. During physical exercise, just remember, forearms and forearms at 90 degrees, controlled swings back and forth, core tightening, as much as possible to find the strength of the buttocks, step big, heel first.

Eight pieces of brocade and diamond Gong

Traditional folk sports, Badanjin is softer, and diamond Gong is more powerful. The action is simple, the intensity is low, the duration is suitable, the learning threshold is low, the whole body has movement to, especially suitable for sports white and weak sisters to improve their physical fitness.


Feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind the waist, or hold the head, squat slowly, get up quickly. Insist on doing 100 a day, it is recommended not to use the hands to get up with the legs, so the leg damage is relatively large.

Exercise on hot days

Because of the arrival of summer, high temperature is becoming the key word of the season. Exercise in an environment above 30℃ for a long time is more likely to occur exercise-related diseases.

In high temperature weather, the human body consumption increases, if the exercise is not proper, not only can not fitness, but also may cause injury, then, high temperature sports need to pay attention to what?

Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The recommended running time in summer is before the sun rises in the morning or after the temperature drops in the evening, as far as possible, running in the early morning, evening exercise leads to nervous excitement, sometimes it is not easy to fall asleep.

As temperatures rise, people sweat more, which leads to rapid evaporation of water from the body and loss of electrolytes. Therefore, it is very important to replenish water in time during exercise, 15 minutes before running, you can first add a glass of water.

Be sure to pay attention to sun protection. Applying sunscreen half an hour before exercise can effectively prevent sunburn and other problems. You can also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.

When exercising in a hot environment, clothes made of moisture wicking fabrics will help sweat dissipate faster and keep your body temperature more stable. The quick-drying, non-close-fitting features will also reduce stickiness and make the exercise experience more comfortable.

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