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Curtain daily

Maintenance and cleaning

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Curtains can not only play a good decorative role, but also block the light source and protect privacy, so curtains are essential. The different styles of curtains depend on the interior decoration style and the environment in which the curtains are used.

Characteristics of different styles

People value the curtain is not only limited to practical shading and privacy functions, but also especially considering the collocation of home decoration style. Different materials, textures, colors, patterns, etc. combine to form different styles of fabric curtains.

Chinese style

Chinese style is a more mainstream decoration style, generally use more wood elements, so the curtains choose light brown, yellow and other warm colors, the effect will be good.

European style

European fabric curtains are often based on dark choices. The effect of this kind of decoration style is more magnificent, and the whole space has a golden feeling, so the curtains are also a match for the application of gold, making the space look gorgeous and noble.

Light luxury style

The light luxury style adds some details to the decoration on the basis of simplicity. Such as marble, metal, glass, mirror, window decoration, etc. run through it, creating a rich sense of hierarchy and advanced sense for the interior.

Pastoral style

The pastoral style is mainly divided into English and French. The former is characterized by gorgeous fabric and pure handmade production. Floral, striped, Scotch, each fabric is very local flavor. The latter is characterized by the whitewashing treatment of the furniture and the bold color matching.

Japanese style

For a Japanese-style home, whether it is furniture or the main material is to pay attention to a prominent texture, but the color is absolutely not fancy, if you feel that a single layer is monotonous, even with an inner layer of gauze curtain is OK.

Curtain fabric

There are many curtain materials, common polyester fiber, linen, cotton, flannelette, cotton and silk, different fabrics have different performance, affecting shading, cleaning and texture, should be based on the different space, different needs to choose the corresponding material.

Linen fabric

Linen fabric is a common curtain material, it has a natural Zen style, giving a warm and simple feeling. Although the rough feel is easy to light, it has a very natural texture.

Cotton curtain

Cotton is a natural material, made of natural cotton textile, water absorption, good air permeability, good touch, bright dyeing color. The disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink, not resistant to sunlight, and it is easy to damage other fabrics under the sun for a long time.

Silk material

It is a high-grade curtain material, which has the advantages of lightness, good hanging, luxury and not easy to wrinkle. At the same time, silk curtains are not easy to shrink, easy to maintain, and have flame retardant and sound insulation. However, silk curtains also have some disadvantages, such as easy to fold and not easy to dry, and the price is higher.

Chenille flour

Chenille is what we commonly call "polyester", the advantages are crisp, wrinkle resistant, durable, good drapiness, non-sticky hair. The price is relatively cheap, is cost-effective.

Cleaning of curtains

Curtains as a necessity in the home, because of its huge volume to the cleaning and maintenance of the back also brought a lot of trouble, but the cleaning problem of curtains is indeed a major hidden danger that affects the health of the family. Therefore, the maintenance of curtains is very important and cannot be ignored.

01 Periodic dust removal

Although the curtain has been hanging there, it looks like it is very clean, but in fact, it should also be regularly dusted. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of dust between fabric structures, such as the curtain folds and the curtain edges that are always closed near the corners, and the dust accumulation in these positions is especially important.

02 Avoid direct light

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the color of the curtain to fade and the material to age. Therefore, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible in daily life, which can be achieved by installing sunshade and curtain lining.

03 Avoid rubbing too hard

Curtains in daily use should try to avoid hard friction, so as not to wear or loose. When pulling the curtain should be gentle and slow, do not pull hard, to avoid deformation or relaxation of the curtain.

04 Wash different colors separately

Curtain fabrics use pigments, produced by different processes, so there is a slight possibility of fading, especially red and black with poor color fastness, which are more likely to fade. Therefore, different fabrics should be cleaned separately during washing to avoid the phenomenon of mutual dyeing.

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