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Wall cloths vary in style

Say goodbye to the difficulty of choice

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As we all know, a beautiful home environment cannot be separated from a good-looking wall support. Wall cloth styles are different, different color characteristics of the wall cloth represents different styles, different styles and reflect different personalities.

Wall fabric style classification

1 American Style

American style can also be called mixed style, it is characterized by the integration of cultural and historical atmosphere, in order to build a sense of space design. The whole show a smooth line, comfortable, luxurious atmosphere, but without losing classical temperament and romantic style.

2 New Chinese style

With the rise of the new national tide, the new Chinese style once again set off a popular wave. Separated from "imitation" and "copy", combining traditional Chinese culture with modern elements to create more long-lasting home artistic conception.

3 Modern simple style

Modern simple style has no fancy elements, only simple lines, simple and smooth lines, simple and generous, common patterns are composed of circles, squares, straight lines, curves and so on. Simple but not simple, expressing young people's eclectic attitude towards home improvement.

4 Nordic

Nordic wind is more natural and humanized than simple wind. The appreciation of natural materials and the restraint of form and decoration make Nordic style popular.

5. Light luxury

Light luxury is a kind of design style, but also a kind of life attitude. The prevalence of light luxury means that more and more people are no longer obsessed with flashy appearances, but pay more attention to the low-key and restrained real quality of life.

Color matching technique

Color matching is very important for soft installation, and it can even be said that three soft installation seven color distribution.

The color of the wall cloth can affect people's emotions, warm colors and bright colors have an activation effect on people's emotions, cool colors and low brightness colors can make people concentrate and emotional stability.

Living room wall cloth selection

The living room is a place for people to entertain, relax and entertain, which reflects the taste and style of the whole family. Therefore, the color purchase of the wall cloth should be based on the public, and the option is simple and generous, with a touch of elegant beige, light yellow, light gray.

Bedroom wall fabric selection

The bedroom should appear bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable. Generally choose warm colors, choose small flowers or large patterns of wall cloth according to the decoration style, to create a warm and comfortable feeling.

Children's room wall fabric selection

Generally choose bright colors of wall cloth, cartoon patterns and so on to create a happy and clean effect.

Dining room wall cloth selection

The restaurant should be clean and tidy, and the main color of the whole space should be bright and light colors, especially orange and yellow, which represent the food.

What kind of material is the wall cloth

Wall cloth surface materials are rich and diverse, there are a single material prepared, there are several materials composite prepared. Therefore, there are various types of wall fabric on the market. You can choose the right one according to your budget.

1, paper wall cloth is paper as the base material, the surface is coated with a layer of decorative paint, by printing, embossing and other processes made. Paper wall cloth has the advantages of good air permeability and cheap price, but poor wear resistance and scrub resistance.

2. Non-woven wall cloth is made of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp. The color is gorgeous, the surface is also very smooth, and it is elastic and not easy to age and break. In addition, the non-woven fabric is not irritating to the human skin, but also can play a certain permeability and moisture resistance.

3, yarn wall cloth including fine yarn, roving, refers to the surface of a wall cloth composed of yarn. The yarn that has not been waterproof on the surface can see obvious fine velvet, and the upper wall has a strong three-dimensional sense and good effect.

4, imitation linen wall cloth is generally based on polyester, silk and other artificial fibers, there are also some man-made fibers and a small amount of natural fibers formed by the mixed silk, the price is low.

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