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Cushion or seat cover which is more suitable

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Car seat cushion or seat cover

Many people in the purchase of a car, will choose to buy a set of matching car cushion/seat cover, that many novice friends to ask: car cushion and seat cover there is a difference, which is better to buy?

The difference between car seat cushion and seat cover

As an important part of the interior of the car, the seat is often vulnerable to stains, wear and damage caused by daily use. At this point, the car seat cushion/seat cover becomes an effective solution. Is there a difference between a car seat cushion and a seat cover? How should we choose?

In fact, strictly speaking, car cushions and seat covers are not the same products, each has its own function.

Functional comparison

Car seat cushions and seat covers have the function of protecting seats, but the scope and degree of protection are different.

Car seat cushion mainly covers the seat surface, can effectively prevent stains, wear and other external factors to the seat damage. The car seat cover is a fully enclosed design, which can protect the seat in an all-round way, not only protecting the surface of the seat, but also preventing wear and pollution on the side and bottom.

Design comparison

The design of the car seat cushion and seat cover also has its own characteristics. Car seat cushion design is usually relatively simple, pay attention to practicality and comfort; Car seat covers pay more attention to integrity and aesthetics, and can be customized according to the model and interior style.

In addition, some high-end car seat covers also have massage, heating and other functions, which can further enhance the ride experience.

When choosing a car seat and seat cover, if you pay attention to practicality and comfort, and the aesthetic requirements are not high, you can choose a car seat; If you pay attention to the quality and beauty of the interior, and are willing to spend more time and energy on installation and maintenance, you can choose car seat covers.

Car seat cushion category

Speaking of car seat cushions, the styles and materials on the market can be described as various, countless. According to the material to choose the cushion that is the eye, below, let's understand the different materials of the car cushion have what characteristics?

Ice silk cushion

The ice silk has good permeability, is relatively smooth, and is not easy to heat after exposure to the sun, so this cushion is suitable for summer or spring and autumn, and it is cool to sit on, but it is not suitable for winter.

Leather seat cushion

The price of leather is relatively high, and there is a kind of car decoration that is very noble and clean, but its air permeability is not very good, and it can be used for autumn and winter.

Leather seat cushion

Leather in the price to the highest, more can reflect the nobility of the car decoration, leather cushion contact with the human body parts are made of leather material, with good heat dissipation and comfort, and very easy to take care of, dirty just use a rag gently wipe.

Linen cushion

Linen is actually a kind of plant fiber, widely used in many woven fabrics, with linen as the main raw material car seat, warm in winter and cool in summer, surface temperature heat dissipation fast, friction resistance to high temperature, strong and soft texture characteristics, the real linen fabric made of cushion, comfortable to touch, slightly more expensive.

How to buy a car seat cushion

Look at the cushion material

There are many car seat materials, in the choice, according to their own needs and budget to decide. Linen and ice silk cushions have good air permeability, suitable for summer use; Leather cushion texture is good, easy to clean, but the price is higher; Wool cushion has good warmth, suitable for winter use; Bamboo fiber cushion environmental protection, breathable, suitable for four seasons.

Look at the production process

Cushion production process is also very important, leather cushion we can focus on observing the grain, as well as stitching stitching, wrapping process, of course, the choice of leather products must be stitching as little as possible, because many high-quality leather cushions will not cut the leather and then stitching, but will choose on the original basis of stitching decoration.

Look at the appearance of goods

A stylish appearance, common personality of the car seat can undoubtedly be useful to improve the appreciation of the vehicle and the common temperament!

Cost performance

Cost, it goes without saying, we should pay attention to the relationship between price and value, some product prices may seem relatively low, but not practical to buy back, it is better to choose a moderate price, quality slightly better, so not only economic and durable, the price will not be too much higher.

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