[【 Tablecloth purchase 】 What material tablecloth is good? This choice is practical and beautiful!]
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Tablecloth selection

Material and style

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Tablecloth, as an indispensable element in daily life, can not only protect the desktop, but also play a decorative role, so that our living space becomes more colorful.


Different styles of tablecloths

When it comes to home decor, tablecloths play an essential role. A good-looking tablecloth can bring us a pleasant mood. It can not only protect the desktop, but also add a warm and stylish home environment. Which style of tablecloth do you prefer?

01 Simple Style

Simple style tablecloths generally use solid color design or simple elegant patterns, without too much decoration, but it can give people a fresh and natural feeling. Make your desktop cleaner and more generous.

02 Light luxury tablecloth

If you pursue quality of life, then the light luxury tablecloth will be able to touch your heart, it with its elegant design, high-quality fabrics and practical performance, has become a beautiful landscape in modern home decoration.

03 Vintage style tablecloth

Vintage-style tablecloths are usually in dark or cool colors, and they use traditional patterns and colors to give people an elegant and romantic feeling. Spread it and your desktop instantly becomes story-filled.


Different material tablecloth classification

Tablecloths are often overlooked details of life, but they can inadvertently add endless charm to our lives. After reading the different styles of tablecloth classification, let's understand the tablecloth of different materials together!

Plastic table cloth

Plastic tablecloths include: PVC cloth, EVA cloth, PEVA cloth, perm cloth, PVC cloth with cotton backing, PP cloth, etc. The use of plastic tablecloth, be sure to pay attention to the material of the tablecloth, polypropylene material is relatively safer.

Textile table cloth

The table cloth of textile category includes: polyester cotton knitted lace cloth, pure cotton mercerized mesh cloth, polyester warp knitting jacquard cloth, polyester cotton flat woven printed cloth, polyester cotton flat embroidered floral cloth, linen knitted lace cloth, etc. However, textile table cloths, especially cotton table cloths, are not dirty, so be careful when using them.

Fabric table cloth

Cloth table cloth is more common in our lives, but also a more practical one, good moisture absorption, skin skin toner, feel comfortable, fabric tight, and household tablecloth after mercerizing treatment, bright, soft, bright color.

Cotton linen table cloth

There is also a household tablecloth is made of cotton and linen, which is also a good fabric, the texture is quite good, very wear-resistant and durable, this fabric environmental protection and health, the pursuit of a variety of natural things. Water absorption is better, brilliant color, fashion generous.


Divided by use

There are many kinds of tablecloths on the market now, but when we choose table cloth, do not ignore its practicality, and do not pursue a single beauty. There are also differences in the use of tablecloths of different materials!

① Practical tablecloths pay more attention to function, generally using plastic as a material, and the color is relatively single. Now the quality of the table is getting better and better, many families generally do not use tablecloth, when entertaining guests, it is just a simple one-time tablecloth, which is thrown away, although it is simple but not environmentally friendly, therefore, most of the practical tablecloth materials are PVC.

② Decorative tablecloths are used more in hotels and hotels, with diverse colors and patterns, unlike practical tablecloths, which are single and dark. Decorative tablecloths are generally washed and disinfected after use for secondary use.

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DEZTE Yuanzhu fiber series is widely used, it can be used in circular loom, shuttle loom, warp knitting machine, weft knitting machine and other models to produce fashion fabrics, tablecloths, lace, sports and leisure fabrics, window screens, curtains, automotive cloth, sand release, decorative cloth, wall cloth, etc. It can also be mixed with cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other yarns to form a rich and colorful fabric style, and the type can be changed forever!

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